mardi 17 avril 2007

The Simpsons

The TV journal project was a very good thing for us. It urges us to listen TV and try to summarize the episodes. It was the first time I did something like that in english and I really think it is a good maner to learn different words or expressions. I think the Simpsons is a good program to practice english. It isn't difficult to understand. It was a good expérience for me and it's interesting to receive comments from other people. English is a very important tongue for us because more and more people talk in english and we need to clearly understand them.

Resume of The show "Hogan knows best"

For my TV journal assignment 5, I have to make a ressume about all this work. To watch a show in English is hard to do but, the show "Hogan knows best" is easy because the caracters speak slowly and their text is easy to understand. I think that this assignment had help me to understand the English in a real context. I had like this homework and I recommanded my teacher to do it with the other group.

mardi 20 mars 2007

Today, on my TV journal assignment, I decided to take the place of Homer Simpson. Lisa came home after school and she told me that she decided to participate in a scientific contest. I was very happy for her but she said that she didn't know what to do to win. I decided to help her because the project is to build a model of a nuclear central and I worked in a real one for a long time. It took one week to build it and when I showed it to Lisa she was so surprised and so happy.When the day of the contest arrived, she went to school with her project and everybody, without exception, was so impressed.Unfortunately, Lisa was disqualified because the model of the central émitted some real radiation and all of the objects around it were entirely dissolved. I said to them that it wasn't written in the rules.

Hulk Hogan

Today, I was doing my training when I received a call from a big person who is a producer for the world of music. The producer was very interested to be the producer of my girl. First, he went to argue with my girl and me about what we wented to do in the world of the music. I decided to compliment my girl and to do that, I paid a guy to come with his plane and hauled a notice where was written " Congratulations Brook for your first contract " when we were on his boat. The next day, we saw the producer again and we signed the contract that would bring $ 1 300 000 to my girl.

mardi 20 février 2007


Today, in this episode of The Simpsons,
Lisa listened to a radio show that
had four tickets to go to see a movie, but
it was in 30 minutes. She immediately called
the radio and she won them. Homer,
went to see the next-door neighbour,
Ned, and he asked him to take care of Maggie during the movie.
A little bit later, Ned needed some money and he decided to rent out
a bedroom of his house.Ned finally foundtwo girls who wanted to
live in his bedroom.A few days later, he heard thatthe two girls
were pornstars and they made some things on the webcam on
his house. Ned decided to leave Springfield and he went
to Humbleton where life was better. The Simpsons had a new
next-door neighbour but he was rapidly very noisy and they
wanted Ned to come back. Ned came back and everybody,
who saw the two girls on Ned's house on the net,
came to give some excuses because they all laughed at him
when they saw them in his house.

Hogan knows best

This week, in the show Hogan knows best, it talked about the son of Hulk and Linda who tried tobecome a wrestler. For that, he went to a practice of Hulk before a big event and he looked at the other wrestlers while they were making big things. The problem for Nick was that his mother didn't like the idea and did not agree with Hulk. She said that the career of a wrestler is filled with injury and she was worried about his son. Then, the big event took place and at the end of it, a wrestler told him to go to the wrestling ring in front of 50 000 or more people. He liked the experience very much but his mother wasn't informed. During the next day, Linda learned, about it and she got angry at Hulk. For lewering the testosterone of Nick for being a wrestler, Hulk told him that he had to do a big training and had the sense of the show. When he told him that he had to wait a minimum of 2 years before having a fight, Nick was astounded but he didn't let drop and he became the training and making classes of improvisation.

mardi 6 février 2007

The TV program that I chose is « The Simpsons ». I decided to take it because I’m not a fan of TV. It’s really unusual for me to spend the evening in front of the TV but I frequently watch « The Simpsons » in English to try to develop my knowledge in English. « The Simpsons », is a family formed by Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Magie and they live in a house in Springfield Illinois. The director, Mat Groening, tries to show us the stupid side of the family when they try to resolve some problems everyday. They live day after day and they always have problems. At the end of each program, they find a good or stupid manner to resolve it. They are comics characters and they always carry me in to their adventures.